A Semester in Review

And just like that, another semester in the books! Fall 2022 was filled with so many wonderful moments that we can’t help but smile about. From canning on Main Street, attending UDance events, sending emails, and fundraising, we can't thank our UDance community enough for everything you do and the many ways you continue to support the fight against childhood cancer. The countdown to UDance 2023 is on and we can’t wait for an exciting spring semester. But first, let’s take a look at all the things we did this past semester…

Fall Kickoff

We started the school year by welcoming our Blue Hen family back to Newark and a new season of UDance began! Hundreds of students made their UDance 2023 personal fundraising pages and encouraged their friends to do the same. At the Fall Involvement Fair, we met many of the new UD freshmen and shared the UDance mission with them for the very first time.

We Love Our B+ Heroes!

UDance welcomed three new B+ Hero pairings this semester to join our UDance family! B+ Hero Leah, B+ Hero Layla, and B+ Hero Kaiden met the UD Women’s Soccer team, the sisters of Alpha Phi, and the brothers of Beta Theta Pi, respectively. They’ve already begun making memories and we can’t wait to see more of them in the spring!

B+ Hero Layla at the B+ Hero BBQ

B+ Hero Leah at FTKickoff

This year marks the 17th year of UDance, and our B+ Heroes have always and will always continue to motivate our mission. They are the reasons we dance for a cure. We are so thankful for the memories we continue to make with all of our B+ Heroes—here’s a few of our favorites from this fall!

UD Students Are FTK!

UDance is paired with 100+ organizations on campus, welcoming several new pairings this year. We were so happy to see so many of them at UDance events throughout the semester like FTKickoff, Rave Run, Dig For A Difference, Week of Why, and Reps Raceway. UD students sure are busy, but they continue to make time for the fight against childhood cancer. Making memories with the UDance community on campus is so special. We absolutely can’t wait to make even more memories in the spring!

As the seasons changed and we traded in our shorts and t-shirts for jackets and hats, we sure didn’t let the cold stop us from doing everything we can for the kids. Events like the B+ Hero Halloween Party, hosted by Gamma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Phi Omega, brought students together to continue to fundraise for a great cause. We gathered in the Perkins Lounge in our most festive Halloween costumes to eat lots of candy and play games!

October welcomed back our annual Week of Greek. Greek Life chapters across campus participated in head-to-head competitions to earn the most points throughout the week. Points could be earned by going canning, writing Blue Henvelopes, and sending emails. Greek Life chapters at UD came together to participate in a variety of fundraising opportunities to help fight childhood cancer. Way to go Greek Life!

If you haven’t heard, UD athletes are most definitely FTK! All of the UD Varsity Athletics teams were invited to our annual Reps For Kids event this past November. They competed in head-to-head competitions throughout the Bob Carpenter and Whitney Athletic Centers to determine who could complete the most reps for kids! After only a few hours, Reps For Kids raised $22,000 just in time to help The B+ Foundation assist 22 more families this holiday season! So proUD!

Groundbreaking Research

In addition to the memories we make here in Newark, UDance is making a difference for families near and far. Because of college students taking time out of their busy academic schedules to actively fundraise all year long, UDance was able to help the B+ Foundation award 10 additional research grants in Fall 2022!

One particular research grant funded by The B+ Foundation made it possible for Gavin [pictured right] to reach his third birthday despite grueling odds. BrainChild-03, a study out of Seattle Children’s Hospital led by Dr. Vitanza is working to find a treatment for DIPG, a type of brain tumor that is very difficult to cure. Supporters like you have brought Gavin, now a proud preschooler and soccer player, something his family never thought possible—HOPE.

Click the link below to read more about how your donations and support impact the science and advancements in childhood cancer research.

As the fall semester comes to a close and many of us leave Newark until spring, we want to thank you for your continued support—we truly can’t wait for an unforgettable spring semester. See you on April 23rd! Remember that childhood cancer never takes a break, so neither do we. 


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To the UDance community: we thank you!