Maximize your impact

A matching gift is a type of donation in which companies match the charitable donations that are made by their employees. A common match ratio is 1:1 (when an employee donates $100, their company will also donate $100). Matching gift programs vary across companies, so make sure to inquire with your employer for specific details!

  • Step 2: Select “Yes” under “Will your employer match your donation?”

  • Step 3: Fill in your company/employer information

  • Step 4: Inquire with your employer on your company’s matching gift program

UDance Dance Marathon is a year long fundraising effort, helping families of children with cancer everyday because of your generous contributions. By having your company match your donation we can DOUBLE the impact we have on our community and our B+ Heroes to one day dance in celebration of a cure.



Why do companies match donations?

Many companies support their employees making contributions to charitable organizations because it allows them to make an impact in their local and global communities through supporting causes their employees care for.

How do I apply for a matched gift?

Each company varies, generally, after you make a donation you can check with your company or see on this list to see if your company will match the donation. Inquire with your employer for the specific steps to follow your donation. In most cases you will fill out a form through your company and provide proof of your donation to apply for a matched gift.

How long does it take to process a matching gift?

Contact your company directly for an exact timeline as each varies. Once the matched gift is approved the company then begins their process of making a contribution.

What if my company does not have a matching gift program?

We encourage you to inquire with your company about starting a matching gift program! Oftentimes you can ask your HR department about the process of a matching gift donation program.

If you have further questions about matching gifts you can reach out to our Community Outreach team at