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Want to get involved? Consider making a page under FFTK! You will receive information and connect with other freshmen! You can also join the FFTK GroupMe to receive constant updates on UDance events, fundraising competitions, and different ways to connect with other freshmen! For more information contact Isabella Acevedo.


Looking to give back and enhance your involvement in UDance? Join our Dedicated Volunteers and help craft for our B+ Heroes, volunteer at UDance events on campus, work tables at Student Centers and create experiences for B+ Heroes and students. Contact our Dedicated Volunteer Chair, Emma Filler with questions. Applications coming soon!


Media Relations Reps work with the Digital Communications Team on the UDance Executive Board and have the goal of spreading the UDance mission to the rest of the community. The Media Relations Reps leverage social media to advertise their connection to UDance events, promote online fundraising, and raise awareness for the cause. Contact Abby Rindfleish with questions. Applications coming soon!


Michelle Rosner

FFTK Leader, Class of 2026

“Before coming to UD, I was somewhat aware of the campus presence UDance had. But truly immersing myself in the FFTK committee was what really drew me into UDance and one of the best decisions I made as a freshman. Serving as an FFTK leader and as a member of the family rep team for FFTK’s B+ Hero Braden was a once in a lifetime experience. We worked tirelessly and enthusiastically all year to raise funds, build friendships, and see all of our crafting come to life in the Bob on the day of UDance. The camaraderie in the Bob on the day of UDance is such a warm and fuzzy feeling. Walking across the stage during B+ hour with Braden and my co-reps was the coolest experience. I will be forever grateful for the friendships I created white participating in FFTK.”

Alan Flores

FFTK Leader, Class of 2026

"I was told by my high teacher and UDance photographer, Rob Naylor, to join UDance because I would have the opportunity to connect with so many people, and be able to meet some B+ Families, so I signed up to be part of FFTK. I had the opportunity to be one of the reps for B+ Hero Braden and I had the chance to meet him and his awesome family! Every week, I always looked forward to our FFTK meetings because I knew there was always something new (I read so many stories from different B+ Families). I knew UDance was a big community, but I never thought the impact it would have on me as a freshman. Always FTK!"

Brianna Scalzo

FFTK Leader, Class of 2026

“The day I found out about UDance was the day that I knew Delaware was going to be the best place for me. Joining FFTK was one of the best decisions I have made in the past year. Each meeting and event is so full of an indescribable amount of love and joy. The day of UDance really changed my perspective on the impact that we had on the community. I am so thankful for the friendships and opportunities that the UDance community has given me and cannot wait to see what the future holds.”

Bella Acevedo

FFTK Leader, Class of 2026

“Coming into freshman year, I had heard of UDance but wasn’t really sure what it entailed. After learning that it wasn’t just another dance team at Delaware, I decided to give it a try! One short year later I can whole-heartedly say that UDance has made such a large impact on my life, and it has given me the warmest welcome to college. Not only did UDance bring me life-long friends, but it also taught me lots about life and opened a new perspective; having the ability to make a difference. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our B+ Heroes’ faces light up at every event and watching the magic of UDance fall into place. After going to a few FFTK meetings, I instantly felt a sense of belonging and was eager to see where the path was going to take me. I felt so fortunate to be surrounded by such amazing people with a greater passion than anything I’ve ever experienced. FFTK truly gave me everything I could have imagined and more, and I cannot wait to see what these next 3 years will bring!“

Have questions about how to get involved as a freshmen or interested in joining FFTK? Send us a message below!

Additional Contact Information:

Sophia Buonanno - Residence Life Director

Danielle Blachar - Student Engagement Chair