UDance Summer Recap

Welcome back Blue Hens! The UDance Executive Board is excited to ring in a new school year and introduce UDance 2023 to new members of the Blue Hen community. But, before we kick off a new year of UDance, let’s look back at all the amazing things our community accomplished this past summer…

Sign Up Spree

To start the season, hundreds of UD students created their 2023 fundraising page during our Sign Up Spree campaign. This included individuals on athletic teams, Greek Life organizations, and RSOs. Thank you to the UDance 2023 organization representatives who spearheaded this effort. If you haven’t made your 2023 fundraising page yet, click here!

Donor Recognition Days

In July, we hosted our first Donor Recognition Days. Thanking donors is such an important part of our year-round efforts. Without our donors, we would not be able to financially assist so many families during the most difficult times of their lives. Statistically, personally thanking your donors makes them up to 4x more likely to become recurring donors. Donor recognition is something that we implore you to take part in year round! Check out our digital thank you cards for an easy and effective way to show donor appreciation, year-round!

B+ 100 to $100

UDance, and many other B+ college dance marathons nationwide, participated in The B+ Foundation’s 100 to $100 campaign this past July. This campaign reminded us that while summer is a time to relax and unwind for many, there are still families who continue to endure the hardships of childhood cancer. Because of student participants and donors nationwide, over $28,000 was raised to fight childhood cancer in just 48 hours. These incredible efforts will allow B+ to financially assist and provide hope to an additional 28+ families battling childhood cancer this summer. UDance is proud to represent the largest contributor to that total with $7,448.29 raised and 37 individuals who raised $100+ to their fundraising page. Thank you to our participants and donors for making this possible!

Pie in the face

Our last fundraising campaign for this summer was UDance’s annual “Pie In The Face” campaign. Each organization across RSOs, Athletics, Greek Life, and committees were asked to set a fundraising goal for August 15th-17th and if they hit their respective goal, they get to pie their coach/president/exec board, etc in the face!


Honoring Andrew

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM). CCAM is a time to recognize the children and families affected by childhood cancers and to emphasize the importance of supporting childhood cancer research and funding. 

The B+ Foundation started off CCAM by hosting their 5th annual Honoring Andrew fundraising campaign from Thursday, September 1st through Saturday, September 3rd.  In honor of Andrew's 30th birthday on September 3rd, The B+ community raised $35,024.91 in 3 days!

Andrew's legacy has allowed The B+ Foundation to become the largest provider of financial assistance to families of children with cancer nationwide. With $5,326.61, UDance is proud to have led this campaign to not only help over 30 families but also help continue to spread the "Be Positive" and "Live Like Andrew" messages!


Click here to read more about Andrew’s story.

Childhood Cancer didn’t take a break during summer, and neither did we!

We would like to thank the UDance community for your continued support this summer. But we’re just getting started! As we head into another academic year, it’s important to remember why UDance and continue joining us in the fight against childhood cancer.


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