Why do UDance?

A couple weeks ago, UDance held our annual Week of Why. Week of Why is an annual week-long initiative striving to spread awareness about the fight against childhood cancer. During the week, students had the opportunity to reflect on why they participate in UDance and connect back to our mission.

Week of Why Fair

On Tuesday, UDance hosted the Week of Why Fair at Trabant Student Center. Students passing through were encouraged to stop by the tables to learn more about the UDance mission, ask about our upcoming events, write cards for B+ Heroes, discover how UDance prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in our advocacy, and more!

Why Wednesday

This year marked our second-annual Why Wednesday event. Students gathered on the Old College Lawn to light lanterns in honor and support of our B+ Heroes and all of the families and children impacted by childhood cancer.

B+ Positives

Thank you to all of the students who signed our B+ Positives! The UDance Executive Board Student Engagement team created individual posters for all 34 of our B+ Heroes. Students passing through Trabant Student Center had the opportunity to sign posters for our B+ Heroes to celebrate their strength and let them know how special they are! The connections students and organizations have made with their B+ Heroes consistently inspire our community.

We are so grateful and inspired by University of Delaware students and the UDance community as we all came together to reflect on why we dance. Thank you to everyone who participated in our events to make our annual Week of Why so special and to honor those affected by childhood cancer!


To the UDance community: we thank you!


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